SFFPCs I built in 2021

Below is a list of SFFPCs (small form factor PCs) I built in 2021 ordered chronologically.

  1. NR200P

2. FormD T1

FormD T1 GPU side
FormD T1 CPU side
FormD T1 in dark

3. SSUPD Meshlicious

SSUPD Meshlicious GPU side
SSUPD Meshlicious CPU side
SSUPD Meshlicious exterior

4. Acat X1

Acat X1 exterior
Acat X1 interior GPU side
Acat X1 interior CPU side

5. Xproto Mini

Xproto Mini exterior CPU side
Xproto Mini exterior GPU side
Xproto Mini interior CPU side
Xproto Mini interior GPU side

Besides SFFPCs, I also built a Chia mining PC.

Chia mining PC
  • Case: corsair 760T (with 2 extra drive cages)
  • HDD: 10 * 16TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro
  • SSD: 2 * 3.84TB Intel p5510
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X
  • RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB (4 * 16GB)

And this PC was my worst investment of the year (XCH sucks). I’ll probably use it to run IPFS in the future.

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