My name is Yongsheng Li. I was born in Hangzhou, China in 1993, and came to the US for college in 2012. I currently live in the Bay Area.

I’m a software engineer at Google working on identity and authentication (2016-now). I previously graduated from UC Berkeley with simultaneous degrees in computer science and chemical & biomolecular engineering (2012-2016).

In my spare time, I’m interested in disciplines including math, physics, astronomy and blockchain. I spend quite some time in reading or watching educational content in these topics. I enjoy sports and outdoor activities in general, with hiking being my favorite. I’m currently learning bouldering, which is intriguing and frustrating at the same time because I have hyperhidrosis. I’ve been a backyard farmer for many years to feed myself with organic vegetables. I love various DIY projects and recently got into the small form factor PC (or SFFPC) rabbit hole, so I started a dedicated YouTube channel for it and tried to take this opportunity to learn photography and 3D modeling.

I used to be a hardcore gamer, but not anymore. I previously worked on the Team Darkside YouTube channel and Bilibili channel with a few other gamers across the world (2018-2021) and gained proficiency in using Premiere Pro and After Effects. Before I joined the collaborative channels, I had my poorly managed individual YouTube channel and Bilibili channel. Back then I was also interested in video game modding, so I had some experience in disassembly and reverse engineering with IDA Pro. My video game modding experience is part of the reason that I started my computer science career.